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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Welcome to the Tabletop Commanders Blog! :)

Well, here it is: the Tabletop Commander's (TTC) blog. I have been meaning to getting around and starting this blog for the past month or so, and finally here it is. If you are a follower of this wonderful online community of miniatures wargamers, I hope you gain some value out of this site. Here are some of the plans we intend for the blog:

  • a single location to organize and access all past LIVE events held on G+ and YouTube,
  • a repository for useful and informative posts by members of the TTC community,
  • articles addressing specific topics brought up in LIVE events,
  • advice on running games online using Google+ Hangouts,
  • links to community member's blogs and webpages,
  • updates and announcements on planned events, and more!

The blog will have multiple authors from the community for a wide variety of topics. If you are an avid fan of the group and would like to be a contributor to the blog, please message me.The links sections all pertain specifically to community members pages and blogs; there will be no "filler" type links here; everything should be of use and pertain to the TTC community.

That's about all for th moment. Expect more details and posts in this blog in the coming days.

Hope you enjoy,


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