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Intro to the Community


The Tabletop Commanders is a group founded back in July 2015 by myself - Kurtus - and a good friend from YouTube - Ian Long. After some discussion on Google+ Hangouts we decided that this was a good place to not only have some wargaming discussions, but also PLAY GAMES! Soon this two person group expanded with the addition of a number of wargaming mates from the YouTube community. Thus, the Tabletop Commanders **community** came to be.

What is the TtC Community?

Tabletop Commanders is a loose-knit community of wargamers dedicated to sharing their hobby through various media forms online. Some examples of this are playing miniatures based tabletop games online, or getting together for Paint & Chats via G+ Hangouts. Members are from all around the globe and share interests in all manner of tabletop games - fantasy, historical, sci-fi, naval, land or air combat!

The community has set up not only this blog, but also a Facebook group - Tabletop Commanders Forum - open to everyone interested in sharing and networking with other miniatures wargamers.

The TtC community:
  • maintains this blog which serves as a hub for all the other media the TtC community has a presence;
  • has a G+ Community for those members not using Facebook. A great place to stay abreast of wargaming events, post G+ Hangouts, etc.
  • maintains a Facebook group where members can share pics, post articles, link their hobby blogs, etc.
  • maintains a TtC YouTube channel where some G+ Hangouts are recorded and added to playlists for future viewing.

The various admins and contributors to the TtC community are active members within the community. If you would like to volunteer as a blog contributor by writing an article, or help admin the Facebook group, please contact me here on the blog and we will fit you in.

Watch our VERY first video chat here...

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  1. I only recently found your Youtube channel & have viewed 4 or 5 of your paint & chats. I have enjoyed them immensely & went to the Google plus community page via this blog.
    I applied to be a member 2 or 3 days ago & am waiting for approval as a fit & proper person.
    I am located in Australia & work three days a week so I would only be available from Thursday to Sunday your time.


    Grant (6mm & 15mm SYW, 6mm Ancients, 15mm Napoleonics, 20mm Ultra Moderns - Aussies in Afghanistan)