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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Reassessing Your Hobby Life

There comes a time for all of us who have been involved with the wonderful hobby of miniatures wargaming that we get to a point where we need to just sit back, reflect, and reassess our hobby life. Perhaps this comes about after some stressful involvement in a game, or perhaps just feeling over-whelmed with the hobby in general. Perhaps it comes about in our free time after a really good - or bad - game session. Who knows really. But it is something that strikes us all at one point or another.

Am I really in to this?!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Combining passions together.

As I have mentioned in previous entries in this blog, I love a back story, a reason for the troops on the table to be there, some justification for the battle that is about to unfold in miniature on the landscape before me. With the painting of my Wars of the Roses armies now coming to an end. I only have a single box left to paint now, before I move onto pastures new, or old in my case. As I will be returning to my English Civil War, or more correctly The War of the Three Kingdoms. I have Scottish and Irish units to assemble and paint, to join their English brethren.

But I digress. My Wars of the Roses troops were always intended to be painted up for fictional leaders to fight out battles on an abstract map based on the North of England. As more and more troops received their paint, the more I was convinced that I may as well go the whole hog and simply create a country for them to fight in. An imagi-nation, no less, it has been done oft times before. I was already half way there. The whole could then become a campaign in a fictitious mid 15th Century England type setting.