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Monday, November 23, 2015

Returning to the hobby Part Four

With the English Civil War troops and my copy of Pike & Shotte I was now able to battle to my hearts content. However, a good friend bought me a copy of the SAGA rules. Needless to say I was keen to try them out, so ordered one box each of Dark Age Warriors, Saxons and Vikings from GMB, the plastic sets arrived and some of the figures were painted up.

A few of the Dark Age Warriors.

I also took the opportunity to order some shied transfers and banners from Little Big Men Studios.

The rule book itself.

The Anglo-Saxon army painted up and ready for battle.

The shield transfers look really effective.

The Warlord shouting defiance!

Of course, before I finished this project, yet another 28mm set of goodies came into my possession. These were a Christmas gift from my wife. So with my mountain of unpainted 1/72 scale figures, 28mm English Civil War, SAGA and now these beauties, I was awash with figures and choices.

I must admit, I only painted up about a dozen legionaries and have not touched them since, too many other projects on the go. However, they will be finished in due course. Same with the SAGA figures the Viking Army sits in its box untouched. Even the English Civil War army, still has a number of units still to be painted, and here lies a problem. 

I was really happy with the look and feel of the English Civil War armies, but something was wrong! I couldn't put my finger on it to begin with, but later realised, that even with my move to the man cave and having access to a 8 x 4 feet table, there simply was not enough room to field huge armies. I could fight endless large scale skirmish type battles but not the full blooded, whole army affairs that I imagined. My thoughts turned to smaller and more affordable scales. I looked at my 1/72 scale (20 mm) and they would make life easier, 10mm and 15mm looked also very promising, but what really grabbed my attention was 6mm.

I didn't want to replicate any armies I already had in other scales, so searched around for a new era to war game. Having always been fascinated by the American Civil War and then discovering the fantastic amount of figures available in 6mm from Baccus Miniatures, I could envision huge armies on my table. Gettysburg, Shiloh and the rest were now within reach.

But that is a subject for Part Five...

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