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Monday, November 30, 2015

Returning to the hobby Part Five.

I watched a couple of videos by Greg Huff and Ringo Simpkins on painting 6mm troops, surely they are too small for me to paint. However, Greg and Ringo made it look so easy, just a blob of paint here and there. I looked at three different manufacturers of this scale and settled on Baccus.

I ordered the American Civil War Starter set which came with a rule book, three buildings and a large bag of metal miniatures, enough to to create a sizeable force for both the Union and Confederacy.

These bags are from the later reinforcements I ordered and picked up at the Joy of Six Wargaming event in Sheffield at the end of July.

It all seemed quite daunting looking at the mountain of figures but I took a deep breath and dived in.
Some infantry and mounted cavalry for both sides were mounted on lolly (Popsicle) sticks and the task began. It was surprisingly easy, just as the videos said it would be. Even better units were completed in double quick time, compared to 28mm figures.

Even casualty figures were experimented with.

The artillery in the original starter set did not include limbers and horse teams so they were purchased.

At Sheffield I picked up soft resin roads and rivers.

And lots of period hard resin buildings.

Horse team and limber. So tiny.

Supply train consisting of covered wagons, two wheeled carts and mule trains.

Bridge and ford pieces.

I was now able to lay out a small town for the battles on a Cigar Box Battle Mat.

Completed arty and horse teams.

The first battles were using the cards and dice from Richard Borg's board game 'Battle Cry'

A tented camp was purchased.

More battles followed.

I soon had huge armies for both sides.

The table laid out for a large battle. Confederates attacking from the heights as the Union Army rushes up to join the line.

I still have more units of infantry to paint up, but I am in no great rush for them as I can now field over 4,000 figures.

It was at this time that the rule set 'Lion Rampant' and three boxes of War of the Roses figures by Perry Miniatures came into my hands. Oh dear, I guess that will be part 6.

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