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Friday, February 17, 2017

Wargaming Economics.

I am currently about to embark on an Imagi-Nation project, I wanted to do a period I had never visited before, so when Warlord Games announced the impending release of the 'Marlborough Starter Army' these sculpts are the former Wargames Factory figures, I took the plunge and pre-ordered two boxes.

I saw it as a reasonably cheap way to build up two armies. You can see for yourself just what comes in the box which is priced at £85 on the Warlord site, no doubt it will appear cheaper elsewhere soon.
Counting each figure, I counted rider and horse as one, plus the cannon as a single figure also, you get a total of 126 figures in the box.

That works out at 67 pence per figure, which for 28mm is very acceptable.

They are also producing box sets of single foot regiments, these are priced at £16 which equates to 66 pence a figure for infantry.

The cavalry come in at £20 giving £1.66 per mounted figure.

Finally, also £20 is the artillery, containing three guns, twelve crew and three mounted officers. This comes out at £1.11 per figure.

Of course, Warlord offer multi-buy deals, an infantry brigade of three standard boxes will set you back £45 instead of £48 if bought individually. The cost per figure being 62.5p. A cavalry brigade of two boxes is £36 instead of £40 giving £1.50 a figure. Finally, a battery of artillery consisting of two boxes comes in at £36 again instead of £40 if bought individually. At a cost of £1 a figure.

Using the above multi deals were possible I worked out that to recreate a starter box set would cost:
Infantry brigade deal £45 plus one single box £16 = £61 (96 infantry figures)
Cavalry box £20
Artillery box £20

A total of £101

So as to be expected, the starter box gives better value, being saving you £16, which of course you will probably end up spending on an extra box of infantry.


  1. That starter sounds just right. You get a ton of infantry in there. Eager to hear your review on the plastic models.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, plenty of infantry to be sure, 96 figures for four x 24 man regiments if you so choose. I think I will going down the 16 man regiment route, so will have to buy extra command sprues at some point in the future.

    2. Far cheaper in 6mm
      96 infantry approximately £4 Baccus = 2 regts with command included

  2. Replies
    1. I was doing the maths,so thought I would share it Dale, my pleasure.

  3. Plastic historicals is what almost kept me in 28mm. I just sold the last of my stuff and am doing 15mm from here on out (historicals, fantasy and sci-fi). The funny thing is that my metal 15mm are sometimes as expensive as these plastic 28mm, especially for the obscure sci-fi stuff.

    The other scale I am still doing is 54mm, but that's only for Colonials. Armies in Plastic makes a range of kits in a toy soldier style that is not to everyone's taste, but the price works out to about 60p a figure and I love doing a simple block paint job and manually black lining them. I get them from places like Transport Models in Preston or Drum & Flag in Staffordshire (both are excellent ebay sellers).

    Another way to calculate costs is to take the frontage and divide it by the price. So my 54mm colonials might be £11, but 20 figures at one per 40mm means my dervish and zulu forces work out to about 14p per centimetre. My 15mm might be 8 for £3.50, but my pike block will have 24 of them across 8cm, so that's £1.31 per cm.

    Gives a different avenue for comparison than just saying you get so many more figures with 6mm (or 15mm).