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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Returning to the hobby Part Three.

With various units now painted up the Pike & Shotte rules could now be put into action. I commandeered the kitchen table 5 x 3 feet for a first battle using a very limited numbers of troops.

The table was set up with a farm in the middle and the two opposing forces at each side. A simple green cloth and a few rectangles of felt and home made hedges and trees made up the table top, simple and very retro, but looks pretty good, well at least I thought so.

Each side consisted of a single regiment of foot, horse and a cannon.

The Opposing Forces...

It came down to an infantry battle in the farmyard, the wall being contested by both sides.

After this very enjoyable introduction to the rules, I was now ready to be a little more adventurous but also knew I needed more terrain and buildings. The following pics show the added houses, wagons, farm animals and some trees.

Scratch built wood sections, that can be placed together to form a larger wood.

With some leader figures added, I was now ready for a much larger battle. Leader figures being painted up ready to take their place on the field of battle.

The following photographs show various views of the Battle of Buckden, once again fought out on the kitchen table. Its limited dimensions had now become an issue.

Another very absorbing battle that took a weekend for me to play. I was definitely hooked on war gaming! 

A few days later a present arrived, but more of that in Part Four.

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