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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Memories of Grand Battles

Way back when I first got in to the hobby of wargaming, I was fascinated at the idea of documenting my little make-believe battles. I remember fondly writing down in detail a small battle using the now dated Tricolor Napoleonic rules. The battle featured both French and British forces going at it over control of a redoubt. The Prussians showed up late in the battle marching earnestly through a thick woods - of course, all of this was the result of watching the classic Waterloo movie. It just seemed natural to write out the progress of the battle, much like an author writes about the same in some old history book. It was all good fun, giving me a certain satisfaction that my battles would not be forgotten.

I was always one for taking pictures, even at a young age. I remember getting my first camera as a teen ager and taking countless pictures. I seemed to have a knack for it as well! Taking pictures of my battles seemed a natural fit. Thus started another little hobby of mine: taking wargaming pictures. I guess this is another reason why I love the look of a miniatures battle so much. I am always talking about immersion and such, and wonderfully painted models and terrain really helps in that respect. Making a visual record of my battles seemed natural and normal for me.

One of the very first pics I took of my exploration in wargaming.
Two ACW ironclads go at it. Made completely of
corrugated cardboard and match-sticks. '87.

Some of my very first pictures were that of some naval battles I was playing. I had just got a hold of the fantastic book, Sea Battles in Miniature, playing battles with home-made cardboard ships - triremes, old wooden ships, and even steel dreadnoughts! Of course, I managed quite a few pictures of these battles. Oh the memories...

Wow! 1987!
I started my fascination of taking pics of my wargames battles.
Late in the 90's I soon found myself with my friends playing huge battles of Warhammer, Necromunda, and 40k. Of course I was taking pictures of these fantastic battles. Such were my early days in the hobby.

My Warhammer 5th ed. days. '98.

Warhammer 5th ed. Brets v. Chaos. '98

More Warhammer 5th. Good times. I believe these pics were
from our Thunder Isle campaign we played. 1998.
 By 2001, I was in my hay-day of wargaming. I had been running a rather large club of wargamers - The NEPA Tabletop Warlords and managed to get some wonderful pictures of our battles. I can remember some really grand spectacles from Pirate raids to WW I air combat. Unfortunately, it was in 2003 that I found myself distracted once again, leaving the hobby for the next 10 years. So ended all those wonderful pictures I was taking - recording all those wonderful moment of battles that only ever existed in our imagination.

Some of the Tabletop Warlords club members at a club meet participation game
based around a pirate attack. 2003
Three years ago, I found myself back in the hobby - and back with a vengeance! Once again not only did I experience some very memorable battles, but also began taking those wonderful pictures once again; the memories would continue.

Now a days, the quality of pictures has improved, just as the way of sharing those pictures has been made easy through social media - Blogger, FaceBook, YouTube, etc. In fact, making LIVE  streams, and videos is now all the rage! I of course, am loving it. Now all those battles will never be forgotten; I can share each and every wonderful moment.

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