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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Micro Battles - Part Two Supplementary.

I decided to make a supplementary post, for reasons that will become clear. I had decided to roll a D6 for each side to determine what potential reinforcements would be coming up the valley for the Confederates, and also what units would be in place on each table for the Union.

An odd roll of the D6 equals a blank, an even roll then allows me to roll a number of  C&C dice equal to the number of pips. For the Rebs, I rolled a 4 so proceeded to roll four C&C. Moving onto table 1 will be two battalions of infantry and one battery of artillery. A flag or crossed sabres provide nothing.

Moving up the road onto table 1 is Brigadier General James Archer, leading the 13th Alabama, 7th Tennessee infantry battalions and Huger's Virginia Artillery Battery.

A closer look at table 2'

My recreation of the table, I was struggling to fit a small hill for the trees to stand on, so omitted it.

The slopes of the valley sides are clear to see.

Union roll an odd number, so there are no Federal troops on this table. The main reason I made this a supplementary to Part Two, not a lot will be happening.

Colonel Munford must now make a decision, does he continue forward, or wait for the vanguard of the force to catch up?

I intend to roll a D6 for that answer, 1 or 2 and he waits for a more senior officer to arrive, higher and he continues to scout north. I have weighted it 2 to 1 in favour of, what I consider, his most likely action, that is to continue his scouting mission.

I am winging this and making it up as I go along. I don't want the Confederate force to become so large and powerful that it simply steamrolls any opposition it meets, but at the same time, I don't want to place vastly superior Union forces in the path of the rebels. It's not a problem yet, but something I will have to ponder as we move further along the valley.

For those interested, I am taking the units from the OOB for Gettysburg. The Confederate forces so far are from Archer's Third Brigade of Heth's Division.

Finally, thank you to all who are both reading and making comments on these posts, I really appreciate it.