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Saturday, November 25, 2017

ACW Penninsular Campaign - Part One.

From Major General G.B. McLellan, O.C. Army of the Potomac

To Brigadier General W.B. Franklin, O.C. VI Corps, Army of the Potomac

24th May 1862.

It is my intention to to strike south west into Virginia with the major portion of the army, and engage the enemy on his own soil. He will then be forced to give battle. However, I am concerned about enemy forces currently located on the Choke Peninsular, and do not want the problem of them loose in the rear, possibly disrupting the armies lines of communication.

Your Corps is tasked with the job of clearing the peninsular. It is known the enemy have an armaments facility at the large town of Hampstead, it currently produces small arms and ammunition, but is in the process of being enlarged to allow the manufacture of artillery. Despite the maritime blockade currently being enforced by our naval colleagues, Port St. Charles at the mouth of the Charles River, is being used by the enemy as a base for blockade runners.

Intelligence suggests that rebel forces on the peninsular consist of at most, a small division, but  possibly as few as two brigades. However, this may be inaccurate, hence the reason you invade with your full Corps, that will be more than adequate for the task.

Your objectives.

(a) Capture and garrison the four large towns of Hampstead, Port St. Charles, Clanfield and Stockton.

(b) Capture if possible, or destroy the armaments facility located in Hampstead.

(c) Capture or destroy all vessels in port, especially at Port St. Charles.

(d) Destroy or capture, all enemy forces on the peninsular.

Your attack will coincide with the remainder of the army beginning its advance into Virginia, one week from today, on the 31st May.

I leave the planning and execution of the above task in your hands.

George B. McLellan. U.S. Army.

Maps of the Choke Peninsular.

Northern portion.

Southern portion.

Order of Battle.

Union VI Corps. Brigadier General William B. Franklin.

1st Division - Brigadier General Henry W. Slocum.

1st Brigade - Brigadier General W. Taylor.
1st New Jersey
2nd New Jersey
3rd New Jersey
4th New Jersey
'E' Battery, 1st New York
1st New York Cavalry

2nd Brigade - Colonel Joseph J. Bartlett
5th Maine
16th New York
27th New York
96th Pennsylvania
'F' Battery, 5th US Artillery
1st US Cavalry

3rd Brigade - Brigadier General John Newton
18th New York
31st New York
32nd New York
95th Pennsylvania
'A' Battery, 1st Massachusetts
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

2nd Division - Brigadier General William F. Smith

1st Brigade - Brigadier General Winfield S, Hancock
6th Maine
43rd New York
49th Pennsylvania
5th Winconsin
'A' Battery, 5th US Artillery
5th US Cavalry

2nd Brigade - Brigadier General W.T.H. Brooks
2nd Vermont
3rd Vermont
4th Vermont
5th Vermont
6th Vermont
'G' Battery 4th US Artillery

3rd Brigade - Brigadier General John W. Davidson
7th Maine
33rd New York
49th New York
77th New York
3rd New York Battery
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Confederate Hill's Division - Major General Daniel H. Hill.

Brigadier General Samuel Garland's Brigade
2nd Florida
2nd Mississippi
5th North Carolina
23rd North Carolina
24th Virginia
38th Virginia
Bondurant's Battery
Hampton's Legion Cavalry

Brigadier General Robert E. Rodes' Brigade
5th Alabama
6th Alabama
12th Alabama
12th Mississippi
4th Virginia Battery
Carter's Battery
Wise's Legion Cavalry

Colonel George B. Anderson's Brigade
27th Georgia
28th Georgia
4th North Carolina
49th Virginia
Rhett's Battery
French's Battery
Cobb's Legion Cavalry

Flying Cavalry Brigade
3rd Virginia Cavalry
9th Virginia Cavalry
Stuart's Horse Battery


  1. I have this book on my bookshelves and often thought about playing this campaign. Will watch with interest how this pans out.

  2. Thanks buddy, I have altered the map from the book somewhat, so am having to re-write some of the programmed responses. Not a job I am particularly enjoying. I may just scrap the idea, and just roll a die for a result of two or three options when forces meet.