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Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Adventures in 3D Printing - Introduction

My Adventures in 3D Printing - Intro

Hello everyone my name is Chris I'm a gamer. This blog will be on my adventures in 3d printing items for gaming and the ups and the downs of learning what I can make and what is just not going to work .

I will not be going into detail about different machines and types of printers. There are so many kinds on the market. I will only be talking about the printers I have personal experience with and with that, lets start from the beginning.

My adventure begins a year ago in 2015 at a Makerlab event at our local art gallery. I saw them printing a Pokemon ha ha. My son was very excited watching it print and while he watched it print I took the time to talk to the fellow about 3D printing .

The more I talked to him about 3D printing the more I got excited about trying to print miniatures and terrain. I asked him how Makerlab works and he told me in order to use the 3d printer you need to take a one night class and do a certain amount of supervised hours. So I signed up that week and paid my fee .

I took the class and did my supervised hours. I then started trying to print miniatures and learned fast that the printer I was using  just could not get the detail for a 28mm miniature, but it could make cool items like furniture, vehicles like tanks and trucks and print most items from 6mm and up . So, for the last year I have been printing items to make my gaming table pop with more detail while I was using the Makerlab printer. I was learning so much and each week my prints improved . 

I got to a point 6 months ago that I wanted to print items that took more than 5 hours. So I started looking into buying my own printer, researching and saving cash to buy one. At the beginning I thought I was looking at thousands of dollars but, I was pleasantly surprised to find many options in my price range.

My next blog will be on the printer I use and the ups and down I have had with it and the software. I'm planning on adding pictures and video links of the projects that I do and  info that I think people should know like IP etc,  hiring 3D artists, and my adventures in learning how to do more of my own 3D designs .

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope my blog will entertain you and you will come back for more.



  1. Great idea for a series of articles, C. Can't wait for more on this.

  2. Printed terrain, not something I'd considered before. Will be following the posts with interest.

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.

  4. Enjoyed the 3D printing chat last week, Chris. Looking forward to reading more in this series.