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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adventures in 3-D Printing for Miniature Gaming

Adventures in 3-D Printing for Miniature Gaming 
Modern combat 3D printing project
Eastern Ukraine

Time to talk about my major project I have started with my 3D printer and how this project came about. 
It all started with me finding a box full of 20mm modern US and British vehicles/tanks Team Yankee had just come out with a few months prior. I was loving seeing all the pics and vids of the tanks etc.
   I was thinking I really shouldn't start a new project as I've been doing an awesome job sticking to my projects I chose at New Years lol .
 Playing some modern games was just too much to resist, so I decided I was going to jump in and start playing some modern, but first thing I had to decide was scale . I had so much modern 20mm, I decided playing it in 20mm would be better and less money to lay out at first . 
I then started pricing out Russian 20mm tanks to fight the NATO forces I had. I then realized OMG this was going to be pricey. At this point, I had my printer for about a week and a light bulb went off. I thought, " Hell I can print tanks, APCs and IFVs.".
 At this point I challenged myself to try and print 80% or more of the models I needed to play.  I had to pick a set of rules to play after searching the net and while reading reviews I decided on Sabre Squadron company to battalion level combat .
The next thing was to decide on the setting. I decided to set my games in Eastern Ukraine. That allows me to print and collect a ton of Russian Soviet block vehicles to fight my NATO forces later for cold war gone hot games .
 So for the  last  two months I have been printing like crazy. Printing T-72 tanks, BTR-60, APCs, BMP-1,  BMP-2, IFV, and armoured cars ,trucks,etc. The only items I have not printed have been the infantry . I now have printed enough BTR-60 and BMP-1 to have a company of each and 4x platoons of different types of T-72 tanks in support . I have started to add trucks, armoured cars, and engineering vehicles.
Now to add more flavour to my games!


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