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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thoughts on figure basing in Lion Rampant and Le Art

I was messing around with some figures in anticipation of an upcoming live, online battle and thought I may as well take some photos. I plan to do a Lion Rampant battle with my Wars of the Roses figures first, followed by a 100 point a side Le Art battle, so wanted to gauge the table size would would best suit the different systems.

First up is the 100 point, or just under in fact, army for one side. As you can see it is made up of nine units with a cart representing the camp and a single commander figure.

A little blurred, but the frontage in one long line is about 30 inches or 76cm. Two units of mounted knights each costing 12 points.

A unit each of spear men and bill men, the dice show the points cost of each unit, so spears cost 7 points whilst bills cost 11.

A unit of elite foot knights, I added an extra rank to show elite status, costing 14 points.

Two units of elite archers.

Two units of light cavalry.

The cart which represents the camp and the leader figure.

Switching to Lion Rampant, I have left the figures on the bases, but in actual fact, the bases would not be used with this game system. They would be in groups of six or twelve figures with no front or flanks. As you can see, a much smaller force is needed for this skirmish game. This retinue represents a standard 24 point force, though I have only used 23 points.

A much more compact force for a smaller table.

The leader of this retinue is one of the six mounted men at arms, so a leader figure is not needed, we will call the guy on the left with the impressive green and white plume the leader.

A unit of six foot knight at 6 points.

Archers at 4 points.

Bill men at 4 points also.

Finally, a unit of spear men for 3 points.

Of course you can mix and match the force to your own liking, or make it more suitable for the battle ahead, be it defensive or an attack force.

I am currently uploading a short video of this on my You Tube channel if you want to see and hear more.

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