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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Playing Miniatures Battles Online

This weekend I will be hosting yet another game of Blucher for the community. This will be an epic fight set within the 1812 invasion of Russia. My good friends Ian and Neil - whom you may recognize from many TtC PAINT & CHAT sessions - will be Russian and French commanders respectively. Also, we will have some special guests to lend some advice and support to our two glorious commanders.

Preceding the battle, we will also be having a session of Scharnhorst to set up the armies for the coming carnage. This should be taking place the day before the actual battle itself. Although I haven't played only but once using these "mini-campaign" rules, I do so love them. They really would work quite well with any period really. Anyway, this amounts to even more fun over the weekend.

If you are curious about playing miniatures-based games online look no further than this blog! It's one of the reasons we started this whole community! Needless to say, playing online is really pretty easy. Just have a watch at some of the LIVE Plays we have done already over on the TtC YouTube channel. It really is as simple as choosing a player to host the battle - the guy who supplies all the minis, terrain, and table space. As long as this person also has a webcam and a mic all is well. Everyone just joins the Hangout on G+ and the game can start.

Playing RPG's is also a blast on Hangouts! In fact I have a campaign of
Dragon Age starting in a couple weeks using G+ Hangouts with some
of my friends from the TtC community.

I really do highly recommend trying online gaming with G+ Hangouts. I know quite a few people who use Skype to do this, although this is seldom public - it would require videoing the session with an additional webcam and uploading it to YouTube. G+ Hangouts are a blast really, and they have all kinds of useful game-related apps too. One example is Dice Stream, which is a dice rolling program that works pretty darn good. Still, I prefer to pick up a hand-full of dice and throw them myself. I mean would anyone really cheat with their rolls? I wouldn't.

G+ Hangouts are a good way to try out different rules too!

Anyway, feel free to watch our battle on Friday at noon EST. The actual fight will be on Sat. at the same time. You can watch later too if you want, since the video will be uploaded to the TtC YouTube channel :)

And with that, we are off! See you all soon.


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