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Monday, June 20, 2016

Live battle (hopefully) Intro

It's here, the first live battle from my table. I hope I have solved the sound issues of my tests, once the two participants are free to play, the game will get underway. There is a YT video to accompany this post on the Tabletop Commanders You Tube page which is included here, giving all the details. I have laid out some troops on the table, however, the two commanders may well choose a different combination of forces.

The goodly Sir Steve Le Clay's forces on the road heading North, 

A valuable cargo of carpets for the poor folk up in colder Northern climates.

Some troops to guard the valuable cargo.

The bridge over the river, which is not fordable.

The dastardly Sir Kurtus Brown, keen to use the carpets for the new wing of his castle, will be lying in wait.

With a welcoming party.

Sir Gavin Booth, will be waiting in the wings to help out Sir Kurtus if needed.

Looking North along the table.

Here is the video of the battle set-up. Looks like is going to be a good one :)

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