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Friday, March 11, 2016

Small Table 28mm - Setting Up

Just a short entry to show my first attempt with reduced sized units in 28mm.

I have gone with the English Civil War and will use the Pike and Shotte rules. As the units are much reduced in size and of course, the table is also very small, I shall measure in cm rather than inches for both movement and firing etc.

I have used a standard sized kitchen table, not a large dining table. It is where I paint all my figures and with the pull out end sections measures one inch less then five feet and one inch shy of three feet. I think most people would be able to manage to find an area that size, even if it means placing a piece of board over the top of the existing table.

The table cleared of all my painting gear,

With the end extensions in place, it measures just under 5 x 3 feet.

Transformed with a Cigar Box Battle Mat.

Add some very basic terrain, Felt roads, homemade bushes, trees and a building.

With sunlight streaming in, it looks decent enough.

The peace and tranquility of this house's residents is about to be disturbed!

Next select some troops. Here we have the Parliamentary force. I have put labels next to each unit to identify it, not really necessary, but will make a commentary of the battle a little easier. 

The Royalist force is identical with three foot and horse regiments, one light and one medium cannon, plus a leader stand. Even with this few figures I think they look pretty impressive.

Next up is the rule book, I need to do a little bit of re-reading as it is over a year since I played this game.

Finally, dice, markers and all the other paraphernalia that we seem to collect for playing our games.

So now I have to deploy the troops, brush up on the rules and have an enjoyable evening/day, As she who must be obeyed, has given permission for the battlefield to remain in situ for the weekend!

I shall post again with a progress report soon and raise any issues or problems I come across.

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