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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Small Table 28mm - Battle of Wakefield Road. Turns 10 through 14.

Turn 10

Parliament: The army have 3 moves and so are all now on the table.
Okey's Dragoons fire on Foulston's Dragoons and cause disorder, but one casualty saved.

Royalist: Okey' Dragoons cause a hit and disorder on Foulston's Dragoons.
Remainder of army advance 1 move.

The whole Parliamentary army is now on the field.

Royalist army advance one move.

Turn Eleven

Royalist dragoons fire and miss
Parliamentary dragoons fire one hit which is saved.

Royalist horse battalia move 3 onto the road.

Foot battalia move 2 toward wall. Artillery also make a battalia move of 3.

Parliamentary horse fail roll.
Foot advance 3 to wall.
Artillery move 1.

Turn Twelve


Okey's Dragoons cause a further hit on Foulston's Dragoons.

Foot battalia move 3 to the wall.

Horse battalia advance and go into line.

Artillery advance 1.


Horse to advance and form line (fail)

Horse battalia move 3 and enter grounds of house and so occupy house with the Dragoons,

Artillery battalia advance South 2 moves.

View of the action.

Turn Thirteen


Foulston's Dragoons fire and miss, but in return suffer a further casualty and fail break test.

They are removed from the table.

Foot battalia move 2 and horse battalia fail (again!) artillery battalia advance and unlimber.


Waller's Horse charge Gerard's Horse and cause disorder and two hits in close combat. Supported by Ireton's Horse. They suffered five casualties but saved three of them.

Foot battalia fail.

Artillery move 1.

Royalist artillery deployed but cannot fire into cavalry melee.

Rawdons foot are in the building.

Turn Fourteen


Two foot regiments fire on house causing two hits, one of which is saved
Okey's Dragoons fire on house causing one hit,

Waller's Horse smash into Gerard's Horse scoring eight hits, four of which are saved. However the unit fails its break test.

Gerard's Horse are removed from the table. Parliament artillery advance three moves including unlimbering.


Foot battalia 3 moves so all are now in the house and grounds, I see the building as the main with a number of outbuildings in a walled enclosure, an adhoc fort.

Blewcoates score 3 hits on Oglesby's foot, one save.
Rawdon's foot score 2 hits on the London Trained Band, no saves.

Horse battalia, two moves and charge Waller's Horse. In melee they score 7 hits of which 3 are saves, however, Waller's Horse are broken and leave the field.

Waller's Horse are gone.

So as turn 15 approaches, the Royalists have lost two units to Parlaiments one. The battle is still on a knife edge, the Royalists making a stand in the house and grounds, each sides horse are cancelling each other out whilst the artillery is still trying to get into action.

I shall pause here and continue in daylight tomorrow. Be sure to call back.

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