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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Returning to the Hobby - Part Six

The same friend who had bought me the Saga rule set and battle boards, led me into Dark Age war gaming described in an earlier post. He also purchased for me three boxes of Perry Miniatures War of the Roses figures as well as some metal leaders and wagons. The three boxes consisted of Mounted Knights, Light Cavalry and a box of Infantry. He knew I was considering the era and of course by presenting me with these lovely figures, gently nudged me down the road to Medieval war gaming too.

The first box tackled was the infantry, it allowed for the building of three units for Lion Rampant. Two units of archers and one of Bill men, each unit being 12 men strong. The box also contained four command figures in full armour. You can see some of the contents behind the box.

The Lion Rampant rule book. I will also be experimenting with L'Art de la Guerre, Hail Caesar and anything else that takes my eye.

I wanted the figures to based up in such a way as to be available for any rule set so for twelve man units I based them up as follows, 4,3,2,1,1,1 Below is the four figure base, I can put the whole unit on a movement tray if I so wish, or can remove figures as casualties if that is what the rules call for.

I had always intended to use the figures in a campaign set in the North of England but using fictional characters for leaders and also fictional estates using an abstract map. I also came up with using the colours of football teams from Lancashire and Yorkshire for the four main retinues. This came about as I was painting up the unit below as they look like the shirts of Blackburn Rovers of Lancashire.

The figures removed from the sprue and cleaned up ready for painting.

The following photographs show the contents of that single box of infantry all painted and based. Excellent value and three impressive looking units. These are all Lancastrians in the colours of Blackburn Rovers and Burnley. The Bill men have not been given colours as they will be recruited as and when required by any of the factions.

Three units plus a command group from one box of figures!

Next up, the Mounted Men at Arms, or Knights to you and I. Twlve in a box which fitted nicely with Lion Rampant's units of six for cavalry.

OOOOOOOOH !!!! That looks painful.

But finally, two units completed, again in the colours of the two Lancastrian factions

Then it was the light cavalry, again two six man units, and the first for one of the Yorkist factions, the black and amber of Hull City.

A selection of photographs of both the Knights and the Light Cavalry units.

The light cavalry may not be fully armoured but still look great.

As luck would have it, at the store where I purchase my Vallejo paints, I found a selection of WotR box sets being sold for £15 each! A bargain so I snapped up the lot to augment my retinues. The two boxes of Foot Knights would come in very handy.

My good pal David from Table Top Commanders, also sent me these three books, which have been a great help in all sorts of ways.

A box of Mercenary infantry also produced some crossbowmen, in the Yorkist colours of North Ferriby.

The same faction, from the same box also recruited a unit of spear men.

More units taking shape, Burnley in the claret and blue colours.

Of course the black and amber of Hull City.

Resulted in a unit of spear men.

And a unit armed with firearms.

All the completed units on display, a rapidly growing War of the Roses army of four faction for the planned campaign.

A first try out of the rules with three units on each side, the Battle of Ploppy in the Wood.

More troops are painted up and added to the retinues.

 A unit of six Foot Knights.

Using playing cards, I created an abstract map of the area for the campaign. The red cards denoting areas held by the Lancastrians, the black cards Yorkist held. Each King denotes a castle in that region and the home of the four faction leaders. The cards also represent the value of each region/estate. A high card means towns and rich agriculture etc, a low card is probably moorland or hilly less valuable land.

From this I created a map with fictitious names and also nobles to rule over the regions/estates, again fictional.

So I have now come full circle and you are up to date with my journey back into war gaming. I hope you have enjoyed the series. You have seen how much I have planned so life is not going to be dull. I hope you return and watch as I continue the long journey.

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