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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It was a cold dark night. Lightning crashed against the mountain peaks. Then out of the darkness came a hideous site. "OK River it's your turn"..

I've been promising my daughter River a game of "soldiers" for a few weeks now. Finally with Xmas over with I could get the kitchen table cleaned and make a battle field.

I decided to give Bob's rules a go as he kindly sent me a copy to look at. All I can say is we both had a lot of fun. The rules played smoothly and I believe another game or 2 and River should know the rules off by heart.

I started to use a tape measure but soon made a wicky* stick which was a lot easier for River to manage.

So now onto the battle.

The evil Goblin Warlord musters her minions.

The Noble defenders of good ready themselves for the foul onslaught.

The Goblins and Troll advanced fast, seeming not to be troubled by the presence of the Wizard blocking their path.

The Wizard shot a blast of fire at the Troll who shook his head and kept coming.

A brave Ranger charged the foul beast, but was cruelly slain.

The Goblin archers took aim at the Wizard.

A cry went up as the Wizard fell. Pierced by many black arrows.

The Troll kept on the rampage and smashed it's way past the last of the defenders.

It was last seen heading to it's lair in the mountains.

We played 3 games in total, and here are a few photo's from them.

Eventually all of the shouting, and clashing of swords and shields attracted the attention of a mighty Dragon.

There the battles ended. The hero's retired to a local inn to a mighty feast of ye old beans on toast, and many a tall tale was told.

Thanks goes to Bob for letting me try out his rules. We had a lot of fun, and grudges were written.


* A plastic measuring stick. Based on the ones from Games Workshop.

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