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Monday, December 26, 2016

Battle of Crow Hill - Part One

So with the festivities out of the way, I can now use the table for its intended purpose of wargaming. Hopefully, the wife won't read this!

The area of Pennsylvania countryside indicated by General Lee, as the place to draw the Union Army of the Potomac into a trap, is now laid out. The photos are a not the best as the lighting is poor at the moment.

The whole table viewed from the southern edge. Crow Hill to the left and a farm and fields, surrounding the crossroads. The Confederate forces will be deployed to defend the crossroads and Crow Hill. The Union III Corps will arrive on the road bottom right, later on Union I Corp will arrive either on the road top right or bottom center.

The crossroads from the south eastern approach.

Looking at the elevation of Crow Hill from the south.

Looking toward the crossroads from the southern edge.

The table viewed from the west.

I will be using the Blucher rules, with the Chamberlain supplement for this game. However, as an experiment, I am dispensing with the I go U go system along with the momentum roll. In its place I have stolen an idea from Muskets & Tomahawks, Sharp Practice and others, of unit activation cards. Ordinary playing cards placed inside a protective cover will be used.

Each brigade or every division, expected to reach the field is represented.

A closer shot of a couple of cards, shows the general idea. I am not sure how well this will work, but I intend to give it a go. When the Joker is drawn, the whole turn ends, No matter how many, or how few brigades have activated. Well that is the plan.

The deployment of Clay's Division.

Garnett's Brigade defending the crossroads.

Kemper's Brigade at the foot of Crow Hill, ready to back up Garnett or face any threat from the south.

Hampton's Cavalry Brigade with attached horse artillery battery, in reserve, though watching the road to the north east.

On Crow Hill stands Armistead's Brigade, facing south and east.

The man himself, in the middle of his men.

General Sickles and III Corp will be entering the table from the south east (top right), and General Reynolds with I Corps, will enter the table from either the north east (top center) or south (bottom right).

The first activation cards are put into the pack, along with the end of turn Joker card. A good shuffle and the battle can commence.

Thanks for reading and please join me for Part Two.


  1. Let battle commence. Nice looking little table.

  2. Let battle commence. Nice looking little table.

    1. Thanks Andy, I think it is going to get a little crowded lol.

  3. This will be interesting. The cards will really be interesting.