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Monday, November 14, 2016

Fighting a battle with miniatures - Part Four.

Turn Seven.

General Jackson will not be arriving this turn and the Confederate division has no means of hitting the enemy, save by committing to a suicidal charge into cannon and superior numbers of infantry.

Turn Eight.

However, there are no such problems for the Union batteries which now concentrate on the enemy infantry.

Hits are scored on two units.

Morell's battery also unleashes once again on the infantry in the wood.

More hits and its elan drops to two.

Turn Nine.

My dice rolling is up to its usual high standards! Again no reinforcements for General Lee.

Turn Ten.

Yet again, the Union batteries can carefully lay their guns, totally unopposed.

Not quite as devastating but one hit is scored.

On this occasion, Morell's batteries fail to register a hit.

The rebels in the wood still cling on.

 Turn Eleven.

For some reason I have not photographed, yet another 1 for the reinforcement roll, it was enough for General Lee to act.

'General Longstreet. We are outnumbered, out gunned and out flanked. I cannot imagine what is delaying General Jackson. Your division cannot hit back at the enemy, whilst he can hit us at his leisure! Your division is too valuable to be shot to pieces so you will order it to move off back down the road from which we came.'

Longstreet's Division begin to withdraw from the field.

Two brigades cover the retreat of the bulk of the division.

Turn Twelve.

The Yankee guns send a parting gift.

The rebel unit at the rear of the column, which had been badly mauled in the wood, took the brunt and two hits destroyed it completely.

One of the two brigades covering the withdrawal suffers two hits from Morell's guns.

The Union cavalry brigade ensures the confederates are indeed leaving for good.

General Porter, his V Corps unscathed, continues his march.

Passing the church that had been defended by the Confederates.

V Corps in all its glory, continues it march, as the cavalry monitor the withdrawal of the rebels.

A final shot of V Corps and the table laid out for the battle that ended up being no more than a one sided skirmish! The OOB was taken from the Battle of Gaines Mill, and just like here, General Jackson failed to show. V Corps was able to fight its way past Lee's right wing.


  1. Great write-up! I was hoping for the Confederates from the beginning, but that beating was just brutal. How demoralized the regimental commanders must have been to watch their troops vanish and never see any reciprocity in Union casualties?!

    1. Thank you David, with my lousy dice rolling for Jackson to arrive and the unopposed artillery fire, Lee just had to withdraw to preserve Longstreet's Division.

  2. Fantastic battle as always. Love following your tabletop exploits. Always inspirational and I must get my ACW sorted finally. Too many real life things at the moment. Ever thought about running a campaign series of games? This battle had a campaign feel about it.
    Richard P

    1. Thank you very much Richard, A 'Jackson in the Valley' campaign is one that I have been pondering over, a few things to work out but it is doable, even solo.

  3. Ahhhhh.... that was tough luck for the Rebs. Now I am wondering what would have happened if Jackson arrived as planned. Good game, Ian. Love these lil fights.

    1. Cheers buddy, I couldn't let the Rebs just stand there and be annihilated by the enemy artillery. The roll for Jackson just would not come!