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Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Battle of Antietam 1862 - Part Two

Turn One - Union.

The whole of First Corps were able to advance, no reserve moves in this game as it would have put the Union beyond the wheat field after the this first move!

Turn Two - Confederate.

Jackson was able to activate is whole force too, they advanced to meet the enemy.

The Confederates have off board artillery of three batteries. I chose to allow each battery to roll four dice each, with my usual rolling skills, I managed one 6 out of 12 dice!

The hit being taken by 1st Brigade of 1st Division.

Looking South after the first two turns.

Turn Three - Union.

On this occasion only 3rd Division were able to activate, and they moved nearer the wheat field. (sorry about poor picture quality in this shot)

A soldier eye view from Union 3rd Division, the wheat field slopes down to their side, severely restricting the view of what is beyond.

The view from 1st Division isn't much better, but they can see the enemy on a slight rise ahead, beyond the hedged field. Although in artillery range, they simply cannot see a target.

Turn Four - Confederate.

The whole Confederate force was able to continue its advance. The two divisions forming an impressive defensive line. Jackson's Division to the left of the turnpike and Ewell's Division to the right and approaching the wheat field.

Ewell's boys too still do not have much sight of the enemy beyond the field. The rebel artillery too, remains silent due to not having a line of sight to the enemy,

View from the lines of Talliaferro's Brigade of Jackson's Division, on a rise beside the turnpike.

Off the board artillery for the rebels, 12 dice and no sixes! At least I am consistent.

Turn Five - Union.

Once again the cards are against Hooker, he is able to only activate and advance 2nd Division.

Ewell's Division advance to the fence line of the wheat field, and for the first time can peer down the slope to see what is in front of them. Jackson's Division could, but did not, move. Happy with his position and he still has a full brigade of infantry and two batteries on the Dunker Church plateau, to cover his line of retreat.

The last barrage by the off board artillery produces just a single hit, 'Fighting Joe' should send me one of his lady friends as a reward for my dice rolling!

The unlucky recipient this time is 4th Brigade of 3rd Division, the losses could, and should, have been much greater.

Looking North down the slope of the cornfield from the fence line held by the rebels.

I shall conclude this part here, most of the opening movements are now complete and the fighting should take place soon.


  1. Great looking pictures of a great looking game!

    1. Thanks Phil, It is going well at the moment.

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks Andy, the small table is certainly not detracting from the enjoyment.