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Monday, August 29, 2016

Practicing what you preach. Part One

I have written a number of articles for Tabletop Commanders regarding playing battles on small tables. Indeed I demonstrated the possibility right down to a twenty one inch by sixteen inch portable table. Albeit, it was 6 mm figures on the table. On last nights paint and chat, which I dropped out of due to internet problems, my good buddy Kurtus had suggested I write a couple of articles about the move to a smaller place and the impact it will have on my hobby.

Well, it so happens that my wife and I are moving to a much smaller place next month, gone is my games room and the eight feet by four feet table I currently enjoy. I shall have to make do, on a temporary basis, with a much smaller table. I say temporary as it will also be where we eat our meals. No more the luxury of leaving battles set up for days on end.

I am currently playing a number of games on the kitchen table at my current residence, in preparation for the move, though I believe this table is actually larger than what I will have available after the move, but I will just have to adapt to the new circumstances.

The kitchen table is just 5 x 3 feet, a bit of a squeeze for 28 mm figures and terrain.

On the table above are two Lion Rampant forces, as you can see they already fill up half of the available space. Granted the battle is between two ten unit forces, so is a little on the large size. However, with such rules as Impetus, L'Art etc. in mind, all is not lost.

Here is one of the Lion Rampant retinues laid out on the table, the frontage takes up two thirds of the table length, also some units are twelve figures strong so require two of my movement trays. If I use cm's as opposed to inches for movement, firing etc. it will work fine.

The same retinue with the twelve man units stripped down to sixes, still looks good, not quite as impressive but adequate. You will notice that it is also just about the correct number of stands for Impetus, L'Art etc.

Here are the nine trays I stripped from the retinue, an army in their own right. So it is possible, with just a little adjustment, to still fight with 28 mm on a much smaller table. I have already experimented with my ECW troops, and that was a success too, by simply reducing the number of trays. Of course a tray of three galloping cavalry troopers to represent a regiment looks a little paltry against the twelve normally present, but it is a case of adapting to circumstances. In my opinion it would look better than a cardboard counter!

The move will take place in just under a fortnight, once in and settled, I should then be able to write part two of this article, so stay tuned.

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  1. Looks fun. Room is almost always a challenge, but you look to be working through it. Good luck on the move! I would come help, but I am busy.... :)