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Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: ACW Gamer #11

It's been a while since we made a post as of late so I thought I would put up a short review on issue #11 of ACW Gamer - the E-zine.

For starters this is a pretty slick production - lots and lots of eye candy! But not only that, for the price of $12 USD one gets a lot of useful information! In this case, issue #11 comes in at a hefty 37 full color pages. When I say "hefty" I mean content!
For one we have an excellent short article by ACW author Scott Mingus, discussing a few rules ideas for representing supply wagons and such in our tabletop battles. He includes a number of inspiring examples for the popular set of rules,  Fireball in the Night. I know it is not only fun to have rules for these little wagons, but it gives us a great reason to include these models on our tabletop too.
This is followed up by a useful review by Arthur van der Ster on Warlord Games new release, Glory Hallelujah.  no surprise here as this Black Powder supplement has been on the minds of many an ACW wargamer. The review itself is quite inclusive and covers everything from background, layout, special rules for the ACW, artwork and even its price. All in all a pretty good review I must say. If you are on the fence about this supplement, or just want to have a good idea of what to expect, this article is spot on!
Next we have an article by Bill Moreno, owner of Good Ground Miniatures, where he details his ideas on collecting and putting together 1:600 scale iron clads! I know I have been very tempted to go for this scale myself. In my mind, 1:600 is the equivalent of 28mm models for land battles - 1:1200 more like the common 15mm scale. You just can't beat the detail on these awesome ships. Bill goes on in the article to discuss just that. Chalk full of useful ideas and useful painting and converting techniques.
Some of you might recognize the author of the next piece - especially if you are a fan of the Cigar Box Battle Mats. Cory Ring concludes the E-zine with a guide to touring the Franklin battlefield - all with an eye towards the wargamer. Located in Tennessee, the Franklin battlefield offers the wargamer many inspiring locations. Ever wonder what to keep your eye on when touring the battlefield? How about some little known spot that would make a good scenario? That is what this article is all about. Full of descriptions of important areas of the battlefield, as well as a good suggested reading list. Of course, lots of inspiring pictures of the battlefield locations accompany the article.
Of course, the E-zine is also full of useful other bits for the ACW gamer - including adverts from leading miniatures distributers, as well as a listing of ACW clubs around the globe. In addition, there is a section at the beginning that covers the news and goings in the ACW wargaming community. In this case detailing the recent HMGS Cold Wars convention held this last March, including plenty of pictures of ACW games in action. In addition, there is a short write up about the upcoming NashCon and Johnny Con conventions to be held in May.
Considering the content of this E-zine, and at a price of only $12 for a four issue per year subscription, it is a great value to the ACW wargamer. As a pdf, it is well organized and laid out, easy to navigate. Well worth it if you ask me.
Final verdict: A+; the amount of quality content here considering the price is well worth it. If you are interested in ACW miniatures wargaming, I can't recommend this E-zine enough. Well worth it!
Check out the E-zine home page here at ACW Gamer.

SO there you go folks. I hope you found that little review worth it. I hope to do more of these in the future her on the TtC blog. Was fun.

Till next time...


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