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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I just don't have the room!

Those immortal words uttered by many, myself included. Wargaming just takes up so much space to store all the miniatures and scenery. I don't have a big enough table, apart from the dining room, but it has to be cleared for meal times. It is just all too bulky and heavy to drag over to a friend's house or down to the club.

If you want a reasonably large battle with 28mm figures, then all those points really are valid. However in smaller scales, and for this demonstration I am using 6mm American Civil War figures from Baccus, to show it is indeed possible and you won't get a hernia from lugging it around! Even the most disapproving partner would surely tolerate this.

Take one small table, this one has castors at one end for ease of movement, and the table top conveniently folds down to take up less space. Adjustable height, perfect for that owl covered couch.

The dimensions of this monster is a whopping twenty one inches in length! Call out the removal men.

See, I told you so, have faith.

Front to rear is a whole sixteen inches. Far too large, I hear you cry! Where on earth could i put that?

A bog standard hand towel, this one happens to be green, very handy.

All the minis and scenics needed to play the game, in fact, there are far more minis than we need. Boy that lot took some carrying!

A few trees and two or three buildings.

Two boxes, two armies or if you like, an army in a box!

Two identical boxes with matching forces. The only difference is one box has a covered wagon the other a mule train, very handy for carrying supplies, and of course interchangeable. 

Box number two containing 10 regiments of infantry at the back, one regiment of Zouaves in the very centre compartment, 2 regiments of mounted cavalry front left compartments and behind them in order are 2 lots of horse holders and the two lots of dismounted cavalry. On the right side front are three cannon and their respective limbers, also a couple of brigadier generals centre compartment at the very front, with a major general in the compartment behind, He is sharing the compartment with a cannon.

Put out the mass of scenery, we have sweated and cursed bringing along with us.

Dice at the ready.

Union forces take to the field, a brigade consisting of three regiments of infantry, one cannon and limber, on regiment of cavalry and of course a brigadier general. Wagon behind.

An identical Confederate Brigade faces them.

The artillery limber can clearly be seen behind the cannon, with the mule train at the rear right.

The whole table laid out and in shot, by that was hard work, I am too tired to play a game now.

From the other end.

Looking from a Union soldiers point of view.

A similar viewpoint from the Confederate line.

Well that is that really, I appreciate it is hardly Gettysburg I am offering, but it is a wargame that you would hopefully be happy to play. It has a foot print smaller than most board games, is very portable, you probably wouldn't need to take the table with you???

So have you really no room for a wargaming table and the storage for the minis?

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