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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Gettysburg Campaign.

Thank you to everyone who read, and more importantly, commented and made suggestions. One comment was to look at the 'Altar of Freedom' rules. Ironically I do have this set of rules in PDF form on my laptop, but had forgotten about them.

Having refreshed myself on the rules I did a bit of Google searching and found that there was actually two campaigns available, free of charge, to use with the rules. Both run to about 25 pages in length and give almost exactly what I was looking for.

A screenshot of the Gettysburg scenario book.

Part of the mechanics involve the use of cards, not too many, but enough to give some random events during the campaign play.

I printed out the counter sheet, the counters are half inch, with national flag on one side, once folded the unit designation will be on the reverse side. This would of course be ideal for Fog of War.

As you can see there are markers for other information too.

A high resolution map is also available, screenshot once again. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to resize or cut the image into pieces to print out on my A4 size printer.

Instead it will be my pencil and crayon method, very old school but it works for me. I have drawn the 32 x 24 grid, each square being half an inch to match the provided counters. I shall now take my time and add all the features of the above map for my own personalised version of the map.

I still have to print out the cards, cut and glue everything, as well print, cut and fold the unit identification tabs that are placed with the miniatures on the table.

Hopefully you will follow this new journey to watch an alternative Gettysburg, who knows? perhaps the major battle may occur somewhere else, or even a number of smaller engagements as the two armies jostle for position on the map.


  1. Looking forward to this one, should be a grand affair!

    1. Cheers Steve, a bit of preparatory work to do, as well as getting up to speed on the rules, both AofF and the campaign rules, but I am looking forward to it.

    2. I have a copy of those rules myself. I’ve often thought about adapting them for Napoleonic games.

    3. I am pretty sure it could be done, would have to work on the different types of cavalry though.

  2. Excellent! I knew they had a Vicksburg campaign supplement, I didn’t know about Gettysburg.

    1. I didn't know about either of them, plus there are four other battles available too, all free.

  3. AOF are, in my experience, a superb set of rules for a grand tactical game. Take a bit of effort to get your head round the turn mechanism but worth it. Lots of frustration - you won't be able to move everything you want and you don't know how long a 'turn' will last, so be warned! The unit and generals' labels that come with the scenarios are very handy.


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